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Rubber Sleeves
Furnished with a cutting-edge foundation, we are the most imperative producer and provider of a wide cluster of Rubber Sleeve. Appropriate for applications in a few businesses, this exhibit is particularly appreciated for its high utility highlights.
Rubber Gaskets
We can make Rubber gaskets to any measurements and in any shape, from an Rubber. Rubber is the most widely recognized sort of gasket material.
Rubber Hoses
Our Rubber hoses are adaptable empty tube intended to convey liquids starting with one area then onto the next. Hoses are likewise now and again called channels, or more by and large tubing.
Silicone Pipe Collar
Known for scraped area and compound safe properties, the offered item is exceptionally loved to be utilized to associate pipes, hoses or tubes to permit smooth liquid stream.
Rubber Washers
This extraordinary plan washer is profitable for enhancing the strain between two associating focuses. It is bigger than utilized screw head and its empty area is littler than the nut used to secure it. Besides, it is light in weight, high effect safe, durable and culminate in thickness and measurement.
Silicone Rubber O Ring
Silicone Rubber O Rings are suitable for several static as well as dynamic applications. These are mainly seen in industrial steamers, pressure washers, water processing equipment, automotive cooling systems, appliances etc.
Silicone Sheet
Silicone Sheets are useful for making the air as well as vapor barriers. These are useful for several architectural glazing systems and stay highly compatible with GE & Dow sealing material.
Silicone Gaskets are popular as the high-performance mechanical seals, provided with prodigious resistance against high temperatures. These can capably prevent the occurrence of leaks that can make damage in the substrate sections.
Rubber Roller
Rubber Rollers are helpful in the production processes of sheet, fabric, paper, metal etc. These are applicable for packaging fabricating equipment as well as apparatuses, utilized for the grinding & sanding of aluminum, wood, and others.  

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